The Control Room

The control room has been acoustically treated and is also a great room to record vocals.


Equipment List

Our studio equipment list is constantly growing so it might not always be up to date, but be sure that everything on there works a hundred percent.

Technical Data

  • Hardware
    Mac mini 3GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5
  • Audio Cards
    Universal Audio Apollo 8
    Universal Apollo Twin
  • Monitors
    KSdigital A100
  • Software
    Pro Tools, Logic Pro, LUNA
  • Plugins
    UAD, HOFA Plugin Bundle, Waves, Celemony etc.
  • VST Instruments
    Native Instruments, Vienna Synchron, NEXUS 4, Superior Drummer 3, Serum, etc.
  • Microphones
    Neumann U87, Aston Spirit, Line Audio CM4, Audix i5, Sure SM58
  • Amps
    Phil Jones Suitcase Bass Amp
  • Headphones
    Sennheiser HD 650, Sennheiser HD25, Shure SRH840
  • DIs
    Radial Firefly, Radial StageBug
  • Cables
  • Guitars
    Faith Trembesi Saturn Cutaway Electro
    Fender Stratocaster
  • Ukuleles
    Pono MGC Concert Ukulele
  • Bass
    Ken Smith 5 string
  • Keyboards
    Novation Impule 49 Midi Keyboard
  • Percussion
    Shakers, Tambourine

The Recording Room

The recording room has balanced acoustics as all walls are made out by wood.


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